Founded in 1979


The Federation strongly subscribes to purposefully strives to implement the following underlying principles and values, and would expect respect for and endorsement of these expressions of sportsmanship and humanity by its members: 

that human and social values are both essential and inherent to the practice of Jukskei (and the organization of Jukskei events) and to the virtually international spirit of kinship and human solidarity between people and nations ;

that the public image and personally-enriching value of Jukskei as a Sport, expressed via statements by political and sport authorities; general public opinion; by the spoken, written and audiovisual mass media; and via any other credible means, is extremely important and should be actively and positively promoted and, if necessary, re-instated, by all IJF-related officials and bodies ;

the technical constituents of competition and self-discipline as regards physical and mental preparation of all Jukskei players and officials, is publicly valued and promoted ;

that, in adherence to the most recent Code of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and (if required) in collaboration with other sports federations and bodies, the international campaign against drug-taking and the quest for anti-doping, will increasingly receive prominence on all IJF and Jukskei-related forums and events and in all appropriate constitutions and regulations ;

the value and promotion of sports ethics, fair play, a healthy lifestyle and sports environment, and measures aimed at the protection of the general environment is increasingly evident during all Jukskei matches, events and forums ;

the involvement and role of women at all playing levels and in all managerial and officiating cadres of the sport, is increasingly valued and enhanced ;

the IJF is apolitical and refrains from promoting specific religious rituals and confessions, but instead draws its inspiration from relevant Values, Regulations and Provisions Governing International Sports Bodies such as the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Association for International Sport for All (TAFISA) and appropriate others.


To promote sustainable growth of Jukskei participation Internationally


Jukskei: A Sport for the world