Jukskei Namibia


Jukskei in Namibia probably had its origins before 1941, but on 10 October 1941 it became affiliated with the South African Jukskei Board. It is interesting that South West Africa, as Namibia was then known, only sent its own teams to South Africa ten years later. In 1951 it entered its first full-fledged teams. It is thought that before this time South West Africa was incorporated into one of the South African regions until they were able to establish their own teams.
In 2011, Jukskei will have been practiced in the country for seventy years. Namibia became a full-fledged member of the International Jukskei Federation at the time of its independence in 1990. This has given Namibia the opportunity to compete annually against South Africa on an international level. From 1990 Namibia was also able to compete against Zimbabwe until this came to an unfortunate end due to the country’s political situation several years later.
The sport of Jukskei is still very actively played and enjoyed, especially in the West, North and Central regions of the country. Jukskei will like to invite anyone interested in the sport to come and participate. It is a wonderful family activity where both young and old can be involved.
Erik Strauss
Micheal Duvenhage
Director: Administration
Ina Dreyer
Director: Tournaments & Regions
Dries Verwey
Director: Development
Christie Horn
Namibia Selectors:Seniors
  1. Erik Strauss
  2. Francois Boshoff
  3. Christi Horn
  4. Gieliana Boshoff
  5. Michael Duvenhage
Namibia Umpires:
  1. Gerhard Coetzee (Chairperson)
  2. Francois Boshoff (Vice-chairperson)
  3. Anelda Horn (Secretary)
Namibia Junior Committee:
  1. Christie Horn (Chairperson)
  2. Hendrik Grove (Vice-chairperson)
  3. Retha Horn (Secretary)
  4. Dries Verwey (Member)
  5. Gerhard Coetzee (Member)
Namibia Junior Selectors:
  1. Christie Horn
  2. Hendrik Grove
  3. Dries Verwey
  4. Gerhard Coetzee