Jukskei USA


Judge Ottie Reno is one of the first group of Americans who attended the SA Tournament at Kroonstad, South Africa in 1972.
When they returned to the United States they started a Jukskei Association in America. He said at first the response was due to curiosity but the enthusiasm is now so great that jukskei is played in several States including Virginia, Ohio, Washington and New York.
The National Jukskei Association of America was formed in 1975.
Gary Roberts
Ohio, USA
Gary Roberts an Prof Gerrie Jacobs
Jukskei in the USA
Function of the Mayor of Kroonstad, SA.
Francois van Zijl playing horseshoes in USA.
Donnie, Senator MP Prinsloo and Ottie Reno
Donnie, captain of Jukskei USA.
Donnie play horseshoes in Kroonstad, SA.
James Manser